Dear Bride,

I am so lucky. You are a fabulous mother. Just look at our kids. You did that. I was absent far too much during those formative years. I went to the ball field, where I was good and praised, to get my ego stroked and to give me a sense of self worth. How selfish. I’m sorry. My loss. However, could the kids have turned out any better? Hard to conceive. You kept it all together and that took a very strong woman. I admire your strength. It wasn’t until I was inducted into MASA Hall of Fame that I realized how much time I invested in softball and how much I neglected a wonderful family. It then became clear how blessed I was to have you and what a you had to sacrifice all those years.

You don’t take praise very well, but I am blessed to have you in my life. We have beautiful kids and beautiful grandkids. I LOVE YOU.

Thanks for being in my life.

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